Services for Education seeks
To provide services in support of excellence in the teaching, learning, and well-being of young people.
We do this by applying these principles:
  • Ensuring everything we do is based on a secure educational philosophy and integrity of purpose.
  • Providing value for money services within a not-for-profit context.
  • Developing appropriate professional partnerships with schools and other agencies, to the benefit of young people, their families, and their community.
  • Enabling all employees to make a positive contribution towards the success of the charity.
Teaching and learning, right across the Music Service, are based on four agreed, inter-dependent principles which we call the “Golden Thread”:
The development of musical understanding and skills through collaboration and creativity.
This “Golden Thread” applies to every aspect of our work from beginners to advanced pupils, from small groups to whole classes and including our wide range of musical ensembles. It means that young people are developing a deep understanding of how music works, the technical and other skills involved in becoming a musician, and this learning takes place through being imaginative and working with others. 

Relationship with Schools

The work of the Music Service is built on establishing a close relationship with schools, where we talk with and listen to schools, in order that we can respond effectively to their requirements. With this aim in mind, we have agreed with our staff three key principles concerning our relationship with schools, which we call the “Silver Service”:
  • Communication – Music Service staff will make every effort to communicate effectively and respectfully with head teachers, school staff and pupils.
  • Flexibility – Music Service staff will make every effort to be flexible and adaptable in responding to the needs of schools. 
  • Performances – Music Service staff will organise regular musical performances in schools as an essential aspect of their work, where possible combining with different instrumental departments and/or different schools.

There is a structure of “Professional Support Visits” where staff visit one another in schools for the sharing of good practice, and our four Leading Practitioners have a special responsibility for providing support throughout the Service.

There are regular opportunities for the sharing of practice across different instrumental departments and there are regular changes in the membership of the leadership team, giving younger, less experienced staff a real opportunity to contribute.

Partnership with Birmingham City University

World ClassThe Birmingham Music Service has an important partnership with Birmingham City University in the following areas:
  • Faculty of Education
  • The Music Service provides training and school teaching placements for students taking the Secondary Music Postgraduate Certificate in Education Course. Music Education staff from the Faculty of Education work closely with Music Service staff in the development of pedagogy.
  • Birmingham Conservatoire
  • The Music Service provides training and teaching observation for students taking the BMus (Honours) course. The Music Service has worked in partnership with the Conservatoire in developing and delivering the new MMus Performance and Pedagogy course.
  • Click here to see the list of Pedagogy Department Partners.


Birmingham Music Hub – Secondary and Primary Music School Teachers Surveys 2018  results published:

pdf Primary Music School Teachers Survey 2018

pdf Secondary Music School Teachers Survey 2018

pdf SFE Inclusion Booklet

Shared Values

Shared Values

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