Teaching is a both a privilege and a challenge.
Supporting those in their first few years of teaching is imperative to a school’s success, both in terms of recruitment and retention. High quality professional development helps to grow the leaders of the future.
Our new ECD is specifically designed to support those who are new to teaching, primarily in their first and second year, as well as those who oversee their development.
Our offers
As an appropriate body for Birmingham NQTs, we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of newly and recently qualified teachers. Services for Education has supported NQTs for many years and has worked with nearly 5000 recently qualified teachers as well as providing support for teachers at all stages, including working with Head Teachers and Governors. 
Through our work with schools, Services for Education is able to quickly identify common themes and areas which need additional input in order to ensure those who are new to the profession can meet the challenges of teaching today.  
Whether you are registered with us as the Appropriate Body, or with another provider, access to our Early Career Development (ECD) training programme is flexible – it can be done on an individual basis, where schools can ‘buy as they go’, or schools can access bundles which are bespoke to individual and school needs, or indeed a combination of both, whichever suits the setting best.
Why choose Services for Education’s Early Career Development Training programme?
  • It provides those who are at an early stage of development, Newly and Recently Qualified Teachers (NQTs and RQTs) with a wide range of professional development opportunities to support them in the first two years of teaching
  • Offers a  flexible package, based on current research findings, inspection evidence and best practice, to meet the needs of NQTs / RQTs
  • Procures the best facilitators and trainers, many of which are from our advisory team, established consultants, external experts and school-based colleagues 
  • Provides excellent value for money and has an unrivalled reputation with schools across the West Midlands.
Buy a flexible ECD bundle and receive the equivalent of 5 full days of training for £945, providing a saving of £305 if purchased separately. Schools can mix and match whole day and / or half day courses to suit individual needs and can purchase as many bundles as needed, or to top up with ‘stand-alone’ courses.
For half day courses on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, £130.00
For a full day on a ‘pay as you go’ basis £250.00
Please note: courses for Induction tutors sit outside the bundles and are offered at our standard price.
To book on any of the courses please click here.
Services for Education as the Appropriate Body
By registering with us as the Appropriate Body, you are automatically part of our welcome programme - The 3 Ps (Policy, Practice and Process) which provides great opportunity to network with other NQTs, meet the NQT Support Team and access key information to enable your first year of teaching in a diverse city, to be a truly positive experience.
Key components of the 3 P’s half day input:
  • Key People involved in induction
  • The Induction Period
  • What to expect from your school – Statutory Requirements
  • What to expect from the Appropriate Body – Statutory Requirements
  • It is your induction – Your role
  • What if you have concerns – Statutory Requirements
  • Teacher Standards and Assessment of your progress – Statutory Requirements
  • Evidence needed
  • Extension and Reduction of your induction (Terms and conditions)
  • When things don’t go well – Unsatisfactory Progress – Statutory Requirements
  • What if you don’t pass
  • Support available during the Induction Year / Period and beyond
  • Benefits of Union membership
Whatever your needs, Services for Education can provide high quality continued professional development to enable you to be a great teacher.
Key things to remember for Headteachers:
  • Register your NQTs with an Appropriate Body 
  • Check your NQT has been awarded QTS
  • Check your NQT mentors have an up to date knowledge of statutory duty
  • Ensure all NQTs receive their 10% reduced timetable for CPD
  • Use the Teachers’ Standards to assess progress
  • Ensure you have an open and transparent support plan that shows impact of CPD


Your responsibilities as an Induction tutor:
  • Provide and co-ordinate, guidance and effective support for your NQT(s)
  • Carry out progress reviews
  • Carry out three formal assessment reviews during the total of the induction period
  • Take prompt action if your NQT appears to be having difficulties

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