Services for Education recognises the challenges Head Teachers face on a day to day basis.

Head teachers are already well-versed in high quality teaching, learning and assessment, but very few professional development programmes, designed for heads and aspiring heads, focus on the business aspect, which results in those new to Headship being faced with challenges they may not be confident in addressing, due to lack of knowledge and experience.
Head teachers, now in essence, run a business and therefore it is imperative business skills are developed. Services for Education recognises this and is therefore proud to launch this new and innovative two year programme.
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Headship is challenging and many head teachers, following their appointment, are faced with issues they have never had direct experience of, which results in additional anxiety, beyond the day to day running of a school
  • Those new to headship are expected to know everything, and feel under great pressure from staff, governors, parents and wider stakeholders to demonstrate this from day one. Very few acknowledge that headship capability and expertise grow and develop over time, as with other jobs and roles.
  • Local intelligence highlights new heads are often frustrated and reference the phrase ‘I wished I’d have known more about…personnel, health and safety, financial management ‘ and our programme addresses these needs directly, referencing real and relevant issues
  • Multi-Academy Trusts often have their own leadership and management support structures, through CEOs, but if aspiring heads move out of their Trust and into a different school, with a smaller support structure, new heads can feel isolated
  • It is known that professionals who are given the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to deliver their role, often do so with greater confidence, authority and success, and our new programme delivers this
  • Professional networks give great benefit as a result of a common understanding and a common goal. By facilitating this, course delegates will be able to support each other, learn from each other, share experiences and provide an informal and professional support mechanism for course colleagues – knowing as new heads there is opportunity to work collaboratively to solve problems
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management will provide a link to a wider set of professionals and resources, including coaching in year 2, providing a comprehensive resource tool and contact list to help those new to headship to understand and solve every day challenges

The six key themes will be revisited, based upon feedback from course participants, which will inform year 2 content.

In year 1, many new heads will have access to informal mentoring from existing colleagues and senior leaders, and in year 2, there will be increased opportunity to work with and be supported by leaders in business, so developing wider leadership and management skills to promote high performance and success in their own school setting.
Terms and Conditions:
This is a two year course, and delegates will be charged per year. Cost of course: £1800 per year per delegate. The programme can be joined either for the start of the autumn term (September 2017), or the spring term (January 2018). Confirmation MUST be received before course input begins for the identified term and dates:
18th September 2017 for autumn term start
29th January 2018 for spring term start
Confirmation emails for the 2017/2018 course need to be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Purchase Orders for the 2017/2018 course need to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reference The Successful Head Teacher:  Essential Business Skills
An invoice will be sent following written confirmation, requesting 25% of the course cost for one year - £450. In the event of a cancellation, this amount is non-refundable. An invoice for the remaining balance, £1350, will be issued after the first date of course input (see above).
Cancellations must be made in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and must be made within 28 working days of the first day of identified training. The full cost of the event will be charged for cancellations received outside 28 working days of the start of the first day of identified training, and for failing to attend on the
first day of identified training. Cancellations made within the 28 working days will be subject to 75% of the one year course costs.
Data Protection Act 1998
Information collected on registration forms will be used in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Services for Education collect this information for the purposes of running this event. Data will be stored and may be used by other sections of Services for Education in order to promote courses, activities and events in the future. In the event of details being shared with The Institute of Leadership and Management, a key partner in this programme, separate permission for this will be requested.
Equal Opportunities
Services for Education is committed to equal opportunities in training and professional development, and we welcome delegates irrespective of their gender, race, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality,
sexuality, marital status, responsibility for dependants, religion, trade union activity or age. Services for Education will
We will always store your personal information securely. We will use it to communicate with you, only in the ways that you have agreed to. Your data may be used for analysis purposes, to help us to provide the best service possible. We will only share information with suppliers working on our behalf and we’ll only share it if required to do so by law.
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