Services for Education recognises the challenges Head Teachers face on a day to day basis.

Headship is challenging and many head teachers, following their appointment, are faced with issues they have never had direct experience of, which results in additional anxiety, beyond the day to day running of a school.

As a Head teacher you will be well-versed in high quality teaching, learning and assessment, but very few professional development programmes, designed for heads and aspiring heads, focus on the business aspect, which results in those new to Headship being faced with challenges they may not be confident in addressing, due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Head teachers, now in essence, run a business and therefore it is imperative business skills are developed. Services For Education recognises this and is therefore proud to launch this new and innovative series of one day workshops addressing:

  • People – notably HR as well as exploring emotional health and wellbeing, and working with professional associations
  • Legal– including policies and compliance, employment law, and dealing with the media
  • Finance– school budgets, income generation, commercialisation and procurement
  • Facilities Management– incorporating building regulations, compliance and maintenance
  • Health and Safety– including safeguarding and risk assessments
  • Motivational leadership– quantity and quality of motivation and how to create an empowering environment


Find out more about each workshop and book your place here.

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